>Back on January 14, 2011, our Captain Decidela created this team for the sole purpose of promoting individual treasuries, knowing that the main Promotional Forum of Etsy was soon going away. The rules are simple, so far.

It did not take long for the popularity of this team to grow. Today the member count is 513. We are also an international team, which is very exciting! Some of our members are highly prolific in curating beautiful treasuries. Some are excellent marketeers. The team is full of helpful members, especially for our “newbies to Etsy”, of which I include myself. This is a wonderful team.

We have lots of things we want to do to better promote the team, the members and the shops. And a lot of good ideas have come to us but we need your help. We need volunteers. We need more “Leaders” to help admin the team site on Etsy. We need people interested in our blog to post, help organize a member list just to name a couple of tasks. We need to look at Facebook, Twitter and maybe Tumblr for more exposure. The quickest way is to divide up goals and those with experience can really help boost us. There may also be some opinion polls coming needing to be monitored for answers and suggestions.

So please, if you are interested in helping this fabulous team out, please comment below so we know who your are and what you are interested in doing. (Please remember too that Decidela and mymothershouse are also volunteers.) Thank you so much TPT!


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