>Treasury Themes Inspire


>Ever feel like making a treasury, but you have trouble thinking of a theme?

This happens to me… a lot. I have found when I try to make a treasury fit into a theme it ends up being stale or not “me”. But one thing I have noticed is that when I start somewhere another idea emerges. So even though your final treasury might not fit into the theme you had in mind to begin with, the final product will be special.

So long story short, try a theme treasury to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Color themes – Take a look for your favorite color or color combo. **Tip – If you want to do a treasury based on Turquoise, be sure to search for Teal, Robin’s Egg, Blue, Sky, etc. One seller’s Turquoise is another seller’s Tiffany Blue.
Be inspired by color here: http://www.behr.com

2. Music Themes – Song titles can really inspire and evoke emotion. Turn on the radio (do people still listen to radios?) and see if you get inspired.
Be inspired by music here: http://www.vh1.com/music/

3. Quotes – Do a search for quotes online. Some quotes have such powerful messages, that just reading a few can get you thinking.

Be inspired by quotes here: http://www.quoteland.com/

What themes do you use to get inspired?


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