>Etsy Blog offers "hints" to be Front Page Ready


>From time to time Etsy posts on their blog about trends for the season or month. This is the link for the March edition.

This gives you insight into what would get your treasury noticed for front page consideration. Here are some quick highlights:

  • “Tip: We’re looking to introduce a wider variety of unisex, men-centric, and vintage niches into the more regular rotation. Make sure to tag lists appropriately for the best return.”

I am personally sick of men-centric treasuries but if you like making them, be sure to tag with the key words Etsy has suggested. I would use “men”, “men-centric”, “unisex”, “male”, etc.

  • “April Fools: Practical jokes, gag gifts and emphasis on the sillier side of handmade and vintage.”

This one just sounds like a really fun treasury to make. I might try this myself. Be sure to use tags like “April fools”, “gag gifts”, “practical jokes”, “fun”, etc.

  • “Etsy’s Euro Week: We’ll be celebrating the 2nd annual Etsy Euro Week this month from Monday the 21st through Friday the 25th.”

I don’t much about this, but it is something Etsy is promoting so there is a good chance they will be looking for “Euro Week” tags on treasuries for Front Page possibilities. Read more about it HERE.

  • “For those of your who enjoy making Treasuries , we’ll be looking to highlight lists that interpret these themes in a creative and cohesive way throughout the site. Please tag your Treasuries accordingly. “

This is more confirmation that Etsy uses tag search to find front page candidates.

One more thing to keep in mind. Lots of treasury makers follow the suggestions of Etsy on front page themes. If you are a seller that sells some of these items, be sure your are tagging the items in your shop so they can be found by treasury makers. For example if you sell a handmade whoppie cushion (not sure how one would hand make a whoppie cushion, but bare with me), be sure to tag it with “april fools”, “gag gift”, “practical jokes”, etc.


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