>Etsy April Trends for Front Page Strategies


>Etsy has published it’s April Merchandising blog post. Read it HERE. This is a monthly article that gives “clues” to what Etsy is looking for to feature on the front page. Keep in mind that these tips are to get noticed for “Front Page” consideration, not to increase “hotness”.

Here are some highlights that pertain to treasuries:

  • Little Red Riding Hood: With Catherine Hardwicke’s movie rendition, this fairytale is becoming increasingly popular: forestry, red capes, wolves and werewolves, the moon (blood moon), young love, legends and dark fairytales

Along with woodland theme (which is still popular) the dark little red riding hood theme is something to think about.

  • Our central merchandising topics this month will focus on spring, Easter and Mother’s Day.

I bet mother’s day is huge on Etsy! Think of all the Mother’s Day themes you could do. “Things my mother would like”, “Things I would like cuz I’m a mom”, etc. (ok you are probably better at coming up with clever titles than me!)

  • Geometry: Geometric shapes, patterns, triangles, chevrons.

This is one I see on the Front Page all the time. The treasury is all about a certain pattern or shape.

  • The Butcher: Cuts of meat, diagrams, butcher paper and knives, bacon, aprons.

This one is just strange. “Here ya go mom, Mother’s day wouldn’t be complete without this diagram of a cow and some butcher paper.” I know, I know… this doesn’t have to be for mother’s day. Just seems random.

There is great stuff in this article for treasury makers and shop owners, so be sure to check it out. Now get to making those butcher themed treasuries~


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