>Front Page Strategies from Natalya


>What a wonderful team we have created! We have over 11oo members now and more and more front pages.

One member we see on the front page over and over again is Natalya1905. Her treasuries are always beautiful and consistent. We thought, who better to share Front Page strategies with our team than Natalya. She was very generous to share some great information with us. So much that this will probably be a multiple part post. To see examples of Natalya’s Treasuries click HERE. So here we go…

How do you get your ideas for your treasury themes?

As a rule, themes come spontaneously. It can be some particular item that becomes my inspiration; color, event, date, or holiday – anything is good. Etsy Merchandise Report is another great source of themes. There are so many ideas and keywords in it, more than one could possibly use within a month.

What do you think is the most important thing you can do to make your treasury stand out for front page consideration?

There are several very simple rules that help immensely:

– Use all 16 slots.

– Do not use your own items in your Treasuries.

– Do not use items from your other shop(s) in your Treasuries.

– Do not use more than one item from any shop.

– Do not use sold items.

– Pick items from different categories and in a wide price range.

– Check your recent (1-3 days old) Treasuries regularly and replace sold items. Treasuries with more than 2 sold items would not likely be picked for the Front Page.

– Use English words for Treasury titles, American English spelling is preferable.

– Do not use graphic symbols (flowers, hearts, etc.) in the title.

– Use tags. Try to include appropriate keywords from current Merchandise Report.

– Do not use Etsy admin shops in your Treasuries.

– Check title and tags spelling to avoid typos and mistakes.

What do you look for in photographs when selecting items for a treasury?

Great photography is a key to a great Treasury. You can’t make a beautiful, Front Page worthy Treasury with low quality photos. I always look for crispy, focused and well lit photos presenting unique objects. I never use abusive or mature content items.

Background is what makes a Treasury look “professional” (or ugly, BNR-like). Try to pick items with similar backgrounds. Plain white looks best and makes Treasury creating process faster and easier. Try not to mix different backgrounds, like white, black, bright, polished wood, barn wood, fabric, grass, concrete, solid, textured, etc.

Next time we will see Natalya’s tips for promoting treasuries and advice for new treasury makers. To See Part 2 of this post click HERE


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