>Front Page Strategies from Natalya Part 3. Final installment


>What great advice we have gotten from Natalya1905! This is our final installment of our discussion with Natalya. To see part 1 click HERE, to see part 2 click HERE.

This is important with the way our team is expanding, we have lots of new folks. Here is Natalya’s best advice for new treasury makers. (Seasoned treasury makers can benefit too).

What is the best advice you can give to new treasury makers?

Check the list of recent Front Page Treasuries here: http://craftcult.com/vault.php

Take a close look at those Treasuries. Pay attention to their color scheme, composition, items price range, items categories, etc.

Try not to use items that are too bright or too large in the thumbnail photos (with little space around). Neutral colors make a Treasury look classier. Use bold colors and color combinations only if you are really good with color work. Less is more.

Try not to mix color and black-and-white photos. It requires much time and skill to make a really beautiful Treasury with these two types of pictures.

Take your time and practice. Use keyword search, Taste Test, your friends’ shops, Suggested Shops, or Merchandise Report. The more you learn, the better your Treasuries will become.

And finally, never break the main TPT rule. ALWAYS comment on 15 Treasuries above yours. The sooner, the better. Treasuries gain and lose hotness really quickly, so let’s play fair.

Thank you very much for reading this.

Happy sales and happy Treasury making to you all!

Natalya @ Natalya’s Studio



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