>Etsy June Trends for Front Page Strategy


>The June Etsy Merchandising suggestions is available now on Etsy’s blog. If you have never read these articles, they are very helpful in strategically deciding what type of treasuries to make. Even if you make treasuries with no thought of being on the front page, there are some great creative ideas to get your Treasury flowing.

Here are some highlights from the article (and my commentary of course!). It starts with the obvious list of June Events: Graduation, Father’s Day, Summer.

Outdoor Travel: Think in terms of the beach, countryside, forest and mountains. Outdoor activities on the rise include camping, biking, hiking, fun at the beach, fishing, and water sports.
  • This theme is fun and gets you in the summer mood. I am starting to see several “camping” themed front pages already. Ahhh outdoor travel… a girl can dream…

Carnivals and State Fairs: Bright colors, side show spectacles, animals and costuming.

  • This is another theme I have seen come up on Etsy’s front page recently. This is a fun theme and brings back feelings of eating hot dogs, cotton candy and funnel cake.

Throwback to the Speakeasy: Barware, mixology, nightlife, live music, and secret passwords.

  • You can do a great mix of vintage and handmade with this exciting theme. I don’t know what you could find for “secret passwords”, but your creative… you’ll think of something.

Letters, N
umbers, and Symbols: Large vintage signage letters, letterpress blocks, monogram housewares, and typewriter keys.

  • This is one of my favorites. I love typography! Etsy also mentions that Typewriters are hot right now too, so this fits right in.

Lockets, secret hiding places, skeleton keys, arrows, diamonds, paper cuts, silhouettes, fortune cookies, wishbones, constellations, fortune telling.”

  • It doesn’t get better than secrets and wishes. This theme could be very challenging and fun!

There is lots more good stuff on the Etsy Blog. Remember this comes from Etsy’s staff, so it is a great indication of what they are looking for when selecting front page treasuries.

Photo Credits
Map Envelopes: Click HERE
Decanter and Shot Glasses: Click HERE
Red Journal: Click HERE
Carnival Photo: Click HERE


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