TPT Member Profile: Atticle


We are starting a new series to highlight members of the TPT team!  First in our series focuses on team member Atticle.  Atticle has had 9 front page treasuries.  To see the fantastic treasuries by Atticle, click HERE.  We asked a few questions our members might be interested in:

1. What inspires the subject matter for a treasury you are making? How do you decide on theme?
  • My mind is never quite made up until i have a chance to update my favourites list and see what captures my imagination.

2. When you make a treasury, are you specifically trying to get it to Etsy’s front page?

  • It would be a lie to say i don’t aspire to get onto front page. but i also value the very positive & constructive feedback i get from members whenever i post a treasury.
 3. Can you share 3 Etsy shops that you love to use in your treasuries?
4. About how many treasuries do you make per week?
  • On average one a day. and when i’m prolific, maybe two.
5. Do you think promoting treasuries helps you get front page exposure?
  • I have zilch knowledge about how etsy chooses its FP, but i’ve come to know that endless promotion does not enhance the chances of getting your treasuries featured.




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  1. Hi, this is Jessica from Luminoddities! Atticle’s treasuries have always left me thrilled and feeling positively lucky to be featured in them… every single one is masterfully arranged, selected an curated! Atticle is by far my favorite treasury creator… what an exciting surprise to find out that I’m one of Atticle’s favorites, too! Thank you!!! ^_^

  2. What a wonderful article and great choice for our spotlight! Truly Atticle is one of the best curators out there – impeccable taste, beautiful design and very classy!

    Congratulations on all your success and may it continue.

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