Member Spotlight – ALD Designs


  This TPT Member profile is ALD Designs.  With 14 front page treasuries, we thought we would ask for insights.  What excellent insights we received!  Thanks ALD Designs.

1. What inspires the subject matter for a treasury you are making? How do you decide on theme?

I get most of my main themes from the Etsy Monthly Merchandising Report. I take it a little further by thinking of a song (for the title) or finding an image or photograph that conveys the feeling I’m trying to set for the collection.

2. When you make a treasury, are you specifically trying to get it to Etsy’s front page?

I always really hope and try to have it make the front page, and I feel sticking to Etsy’s merchandising themes really has helped.

3. Can you share 3 Etsy shops that you love to use in your treasuries?

Sure! It’s really hard to limit it to 3 😉 . I can always count on these shops to have some fascinating item to include:

4. What are your best promoting tips?

I try to include shops where I know the featured sellers will try and leave a comment. It’s always nice to know when your efforts are appreciated and the comments of course help the hotness factor. Of course I also recommend a treasury promotion team because it is a great way to help a treasury get hot quicker. 🙂

5. What do you think Etsy looks for when selecting front page treasuries?

I think they like to see their monthly themes showcased in an artful manner. I think they like some variety so if you use new items or undiscovered shops that’s a good idea. I use the taste test to help me discover new-to-me shops. Of course it helps when the photos work well together.


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