What Would Happen If… Inspiration from your favorite items


One of the toughest parts for me about making treasuries is inspiration.  There are times I really want to make a treasury, but I can’t think of any clever theme or inspiration to get started.  When I am not feeling inspired I can get half way through a treasury and not like it at all!

This “What would happen if…” series are ways to help you jump start your treasury making by inspiring you in ways you might not have thought about.

This time I got the help of the TPT team leaders.  I asked each person to make a treasury based on an item from their favorites.  What’s the catch?!  The inspiration item had to be chosen by someone else.  The results of this made for some great treasuries and a lot of fun.

So our own Patty Selected this inspiration item for Rebecca. (See this listing from Natural Pet Products HERE).

This is the gorgeous treasury created from the inspiration item by Rebecca

I will post more of these over the next weeks.  Show us your inspiration item and treasury by linking in the comments HERE.  We would love to see what you have put together.

Now go be inspired!


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  1. A great inspiration can come from anything. Last Sunday, my hubby poured me a cup of coffee and asked if I wanted cream in it. I was just starting to set up a treasury and the theme hit me like a ton of bricks…”Cream in My Coffee.” Apparently quite a few etsians were having the same thought because my treasury went to Page 1 (#2) pretty quickly. Who woulda thunk?


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