TPT Member Spotlight – Ripe Cards and Jewelry


The Member Spotlight falls on Ripe Cards and Jewelry.  In addition to having a beautiful Etsy shop, she curates gorgeous treasuries.  She has made Etsy’s front page 9 times.  To see our previous member spotlights click HERE.

What inspires the subject matter for a treasury you are making? How do you decide on theme?

I definitely try to keep in mind whatever the merchandising desk is featuring. Those trends do seem to help with getting your treasury on the front page. But honestly, most of the time I get ideas just from day dreaming, a book, a song, or an idea of a theme that just pops into my head. I don’t always pick one item to start off with, usually I have a theme in mind. But there have been many times when I start off with one theme and totally end up on the other side of the spectrum.

What do you think gets your treasury noticed by Etsy?
I think more than anything the thing that gets your treasury noticed is composition. There has to be a balance and the items have to seamlessly go together – as if they are all from the same shop when obviously they are not. I have a background in interior design so I feel like I have a pretty easy time configuring my 16 items into what I feel looks like the most pleasing pattern. Of course there are also times when you want a jarring type of look, and those are fun too.

Can you share 3 Etsy shops that you love to use in your treasuries?

2 photographers I absolutely love and use time and time again in my treasuries are Raceytay and Ellemoss. Another Etsian I recently started using is DOTTO who has some beautiful vintage fashion in her shop. However, I would like to say that I try my hardest to use as many shops as possible in as many categories as possible because I think this makes for the best treasuries.




What are your best promoting tips?

Well obviously promote in the TPT team, but also in other teams (I’m Captain of one myself, the Click One Treasury Team). Another tip would be to of course let the shops know that you have featured their item. I also tweet, which automatically posts on my RIPE facebook wall ( When I tweet I also use the hashtag if the treasury has something to do with a topic I might think will attract clicks to it. For example if you made a beautiful wedding treasury or a summer themed treasury, I add the tag #wedding or #summer to the tweet and that will get a few more clicks to it. Lately I have also noticed that the ability to favorite treasuries helps in promoting, especially if you have a vibrant activity feed.

Do you have Etsy front page in mind when you make a treasury?

I definitely think front page when I make a treasury, even when it’s a treasury that is left field in so far as topic or theme. But I only think of it in so far as is this “front page worthy”? To me front page worthy means a treasury that is beautiful not because it is attractive to most people, but because it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and even a little odd or intriguing. Also, I have to say that I have made so many treasuries that I was sure would get chosen and thought that they should have been chosen, but alas they weren’t. And that’s another trick. You have to continuously make treasuries, but just make sure that they stay true to your point of view. If one of them makes front page, then great, but even if they don’t I enjoy the process.

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  1. What a wonderful interview Adriana! You really gave a lot of expert advice for our members and indeed, your treasuries are beautiful. Congratulations on your success and thank you for sharing with us. I personally love your “down to earthness” !

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