September Challenge – Team Member Inspirations


Our Team Challenge this month is:

Treasury Promotion Team Member Inspirations

Here’s how it works!

  1. Pick an inspiration item from a TPT Team Members Etsy Shop
  2. Put that item in the first spot of your treasury
  3. Use that item as inspiration for the entire treasury

Easy Enough, right?


  • You must use a TPT members item as the inspiration and put the item in the #1 spot of your treasury
  • You should notify the member that you used them as your inspiration
  • You can enter up to two different treasuries (this is per person and not per “shop”)
  • Treasury must be tagged “tpt team”
  • Link to this blog post in the description of your treasury.
  • Put a link to your treasury on the comments of this blog post.
  • Entries will be accepted until Midnight on September 30th

Recommendations (not required):

  • Use as many tpt team members as you can for the entire treasury.  We want to promote our members as much as possible.
  • Use the Etsy Merchandising themes.  You can see those themes HERE
  • Try to be diverse when making the treasury from the inspiration item.  For example if your inspiration is a flower necklace, try to pick items that compliment the item instead of compete with it.  (i.e. you don’t want 16 necklaces)
  • Create using the inspiration item for color pallet, texture, or any other way it inspires you.
  • Comment on other team members entries and visit the PINTREST board often to see all the entries.

Now for the winning part!

  • We will have 2 Winners, 1 Honorable Mention and some top contenders.  (It is so hard to pick one winner so we try to share the love).
  • The 2 main winners get a side ad on the tpt team blog and a blog post in our team forum.
  • The Honorable mention winner also gets a side ad on our tpt team blog
  • Our top contenders get promoted on our tpt team blog
  • Oh yes, and bragging rights!


This treasury was inspired by Ayca’s stunning rosette scarf:


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  1. WOW – wonderful entries to this month’s challenge. And nice to see so many 100% TPT team members items picked. We don’t ever make that a requirement so it is really nice to see so many members wanting to do so.

    Great team spirit!

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