Etsy October Merchandising Tips


Each month Etsy releases a post on their blog that lists the trends for the upcoming months.  This is important to let you know what shoppers are looking for and what Etsy is looking for when selecting front page treasuries.

This month, Etsy didn’t really reveal any new trends.  The focus going into the holidays seems to be more on preparation.  They did post this tidbit

Treasury tip: Create and label treasuries fitting seasonal themes for a chance to have your collection featured on Etsy’s homepage, linked from promotional emails, and new shopping pages. We’ll be looking to highlight specifically themed gift guides throughout the holiday season. If you’d like to create a gift guide encompassing a full theme throughout your treasury, be sure to use the term “gift guide” as one of your treasury tags. along with the overarching theme of your guide (using the “gift guide” term with several smaller themes is not the ideal use here).

I haven’t checked out the new shopping pages.  If you have seen them, I would love to hear your thoughts.  I think making gift guides around themes is a great idea for a treasury.  These are a few ideas that come to mind, but please post more if you think of some.

Gift Guide Ideas:

  • Wedding Gift Guide – So many weddings are DIY and Handmade lately, wouldn’t it be great to get some fab wedding gifts on Etsy.  I think a Wedding Gift Guide with all the things a new couple would need could be awesome.
  • Kids Toys – People are moving away from mass produced toys, especially for the younger kids.  Show what clever sellers are offering.
  • Gifts for the “xxx” lover – no the xxx doesn’t stand for….. you know.  That is a place holder like “Gifts for the Vampire lover”, “Gifts for the Bird lover”, “Gifts for the Mustache Lover” etc.  (I suppose you could have xxx lovers, but you might want to make those private).
  • Vintage Gifts – This is one of my favorite things to give and to receive.  Love the nostalgia and kitsch of vintage items.
  • Gift Packaging – Doesn’t sound too exciting, but it really is.  I love making wrapped presents look extra special.  There are tons of great handmade gift packaging on Etsy.

If you do make a gift guide, post it here.  We would love to share it.

xxoo Maggie


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