November Treasury Themes


November Merchandising Themes are now available.  This month in addition to the normal Etsy blog Merchandising post, they also posted THIS in the Etsy forums.  This give great insight into what will be on the front page in November and December.

This is a huge time if you have an Etsy shop, but it also yields tons of opportunities to create treasuries that have Front Page potential!  Here are some highlights:

  • Items with outstanding photography are always a plus

My thought is to find photos that are editorial in nature.  A great picture not only shows off the item, but gives you a feeling about it.  A treasury should paint a picture and a feeling.

  • try to include items from 16 different shops/shop owners

This is always a good rule, so double check your treasury.  I sometimes use the same shop owner twice by mistake.

  • You can get creative pairing recipient with price or occasion, for example, “Gifts for the Hostess Under $50,” “Stocking Stuffers,” or “Gifts for Teens.” It’s up to you, however, we are specifically looking for one broad theme encompassed by each item in a guide.

I think this is saying that you should include a variety of items with items that range in price.  For example they don’t want to see 16 different necklaces that are all $30.  They would rather see all sorts of items with a range of prices to choose from.

  • Once you’ve created your themed guide, please tag it with with the tags “gift guide” and one of the appropriate categories listed below.

In this example the article tells us to use the phrase gift guide paired with a category.  For example “Pet Lover’s Gift Guide”, “mom gift guide”, etc.  They give several examples of categories they will be looking for.

  • We’d also love to see your creative take on a central theme, so feel free to branch out with your own list. Just make sure to include the tag “gift guide” in your list and name it with your own central theme – ideally the list would not encompass several themes with each item and be tagged with many themes.

This sentence is a little bit confusing.  But I think they are saying you can make gift guides outside of Etsy’s suggestions but don’t cram a bunch of gift guides into one.  For example they might not like “The Eco Friendly Teen who has Everything” treasury or the “Gag gifts for bosses and co-workers” (although I would like to see that treasury). =)

  • Make as many as you like, as often as you like, we’ll be looking for fresh lists with active listings to share.

The key here is make sure if you make a treasury you think is front page worthy.  Check on it a few times to make sure none of the items have sold or disappeared.  If they have, refresh the treasury to make sure all listings are active.

Here is a quick run down of the merchandising themes Etsy says they are looking to feature

  • Our central merchandising themes will focus on autumn, winter, entertaining, and the holidays.
  • The holidays consist of two central themes — decor and gifting. Shoppers are already planning and searching for holiday-themed gifts
  • Thanksgiving: Entertaining, family, food and football. Classic Thanksgiving symbols include the turkey, cornucopia, Pilgrims and Native Americans, seasonal food, and fall foliage.
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Recognized shopping holidays — see promotional opportunities section above to find out how you can participate in site-wide efforts.
  • Creative gadget cases, docking stations and accessories, especially geared around the iPhone 4S and iPad.
  • Cottage chic decor and accessories
  • Culinary Trends: DIY culinary kits are on the rise. Classic cocktails, home brewing, beer and wine accessories, herb infusions and kits, garden to table.

So get out there and start making fantastic Gift Guides and promoting them on the Treasury Promotion Team!  Now I am off to find some great gag gifts for my boss…



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