Pantone Color of the Year – Tangerine


Pantone’s 2012 color of the year is Tangerine Tango.  What a beautiful shade of orange!

This color can help you create stunning treasuries as well as help in promoting your Etsy shop!

How to use Tangerine to make your treasury pop:

  • Make themed treasuries using Tangerine within a theme.  For example:  Tangerine Wedding, Tangerine Valentines, etc.
  • Choose themes that go along with Etsy’s Merchandising topics (found HERE).  Then pop in some of this great Orange.
  • Choose great bold tangerine items with stark white backgrounds.
  • Pair this great color with a beautiful complimentary color, like teal.

How to use Tangerine tango to promote your shop:

  • Treasury makers are searching “Tangerine Tango” since it is the trending color.  If you have an item in your shop that has this color, go ahead and tag it as “Tangerine Tango”.  While searching treasuries for this color, I saw many of the same items used in multiple treasuries because it had Tangerine in the tag or title.
  • If you sell custom made items all year, how about making some in Tangerine.  For example if you sell scarfs, why not make a Tangerine one!

Good luck and Happy Tangerine!


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  1. Happy New Year TPT members! Maggie has started off our year with a super article and we thank you Maggie.

    Here’s one – how about a tangerine anniversary or birthday – especially since the Treasury Promotion Team is a big ONE YEAR old this month!

    Remember to have fun and love what you do and let’s make this year the best one ever. Onward and upward TPT teammies.

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