Etsy Shopping Guides – More Relevant Treasuries


Have you seen the new Etsy Shopping Guides?  They came out at Christmas and have continued through Valentines Day.  I have done a few treasuries that I tailored to the gift guides and discovered that the views on those treasuries were higher.  But more importantly the clicks were substantially higher.  That means that the people viewing my treasury were actually using it as a way to shop.

People make treasuries for lots of reasons.  One of the reasons I make treasuries is because I want people to be able to find cool items, something they might not on their own.  So this is a cool way to have your treasury be more relevant to shoppers.

This is how the gift guide works:

On the front page of Etsy they have a big banner that will say “shop for the holidays”.  If not they have a permanent set of links to the left.  It is under the heading “Discover”

In this example I went for the Valentine’s Shopping Guide.  So I looked at “Valentine’s Day”


If you click in the article “Top picks for Valentines Day” you are redirected to a treasury search.  The search is looking for treasuries with the tag “valentine gifts”.

So for your treasury to show up here.  You should tag it with “valentine gifts”.  There are also other categories in the shopping guide for Valentine’s Day.  One of them shows “Personalized Gift” another “jewelry”.  (side note:  if you are a seller and you have something in your shop that would fit this keyword, be sure to tag in your shop.  Then you have a better chance of showing up in these gift guides.)

So here goes my nerdy experiment.  I made the exact same treasury. But took two different approaches to promoting them.

  • “love you always” treasury I promoted on a treasury team.
  • “Personalized Valentine Jewelry Gift Guide”.  No team promotion, but titled in a way that will be found in the gift guides.

You notice the Gift Guide got less comments but way more views.  More interesting than that… The gift guide had a click percent of 71% (this means that out of 120 views 86 items were actually viewed in the listing).

The treasury not catered to the Gift guide, on the other hand, only had 4 clicks out of 55 views or 7% click rate.

This is just one example, but I have tried it several times and always seem to have a much higher click rate.  So I hope this has been informative, now go make those gift guides!





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