March TPT Treasure Hunter Challenge


It is Treasury Challenge Time Again!

Challenge Title:  Treasure Hunt Challenge
Time Frame: Sunday March 25 to Saturday March 31

  • Go on a Treasure Hunt and create a treasury made from 16 of these
    30 items.
  • Items 1 through 4 are required.  For the remaining spots, you can use any combination of the items.
  • Treasury must be tagged “tpt team”
  • Treasury must have a link to the Treasury Promotion Team in the description.
  • You can enter as many times as you want.
  • Post a link to your treasury on our Official Team Entry Thread (Click Here to Add Your Treasury Entry to the Thread)

Bonus:  Combine items for a bonus during judging!  For example: find a teeny tiny chalkboard, find a bunny rabbit that is personalized.

Winners:  We will have several winners, including a “team’s choice” winner.
What do you win:  Winners will get an ad on our team blog for a month.  (If you don’t have a shop you can choose one of your favorite shops to promote).  Winners will also get various promotion opportunities on our team facebook, blog, and team forums.

1  an item from the shop promotion threads (HERE  OR HERE)
2 an item from the shop of the a tpt team member (Member List HERE)
3  an item from one of the many treasuries featured on our blog
4  an item found by using the search “tpt team”
5  an item found in your favorites
6  an item found by searching your name
7  an item found by searching “tangerine”
8  Something with a chalkboard surface
9  Vintage office supply
10  something made out of maps
11  a Personalized item (name or monogram)
12  a typography item
13   something teeny tiny
14  something the color of your birthstone
15  an item that would be the perfect gift for your mom
16  Geometric Pattern
17  An April Fool (joke)
18  Herbs
19  Treasure (Diamonds or Coins)
20  Aries or Ram
21  Fortune Cookie
22  Wood Pattern
23  a garden tool
24  a bunny rabbit
25  a boat anchor
26  Fish
27  Something about or from the 80’s
28  A sassy dog or cat
29   An item found in the Supplies category
30  White on white

Here are some sample Treasure Hunts to get your creative juices flowing!


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