It has come to this member’s notice that the monthly merchandising reports from Etsy come out too late. In reality, and my humble opinion, about two weeks ago would have been perfect. After all, they encourage us to make appropriately related items, tag items and treasuries with corresponding nouns matching their list and create treasuries approximately 3 days in advance of noted monthly holidays and events. With such expectations on our part, why then do they wait so long to publish in their blog?

So, this member has taken it upon herself to do some research and come up with a TPT team version relating to the grand month of April which is loaded with goodness worldwide. Now, I am not including what we already know and expect: no moustaches or beards. No mermaids. No diamond or other geometric shapes. No rustic farm equipment. No bunny rabbits. We get it.

Here is some April worthiness to take note for treasury themes, item promoting and future treasure hunts:


Concentration on Mother’s Day gifts and gift guides ( duh, but I had to put it in here )

Earth Day is April 22 so how about some green, recycled and re-purposed T’s and items.

And don’t forget about Graduation: first colleges then the high schools – gear up, tag up and get ready.

SPECIAL NOTE: In mid May, the release of “Dark Shadows” , the latest collaboration from Johnny Depp and Tim Burton will be hitting the big screen. Go check out the trailer….looks awesome! Of course I am a big JD and TB fan so that makes me prejudiced. But those of us old enough to remember the Dark Shadows cult phase when the TV show ran and then later in reruns, all know with vampires being so popular now, the timing is perfect for masterful and playful treasuries! Who knows, maybe we’ll make it an end of month or early May challenge.

ADDITIONAL APRIL TRIVIA: Did you know April is national Frog month, international Guitar month, national Garden (duh) month, national Humor month, Volunteer month and Poetry month?

Here are some more uniquely specific April dates as well:

  • 4/3 First home phone was installed in 1877
  • 4/5 – read a road map day
  • 4/6 – North Pole was discovered
  • 4/7 – No Housework Day ( gotta love that one!)
  • 4/9 – First public library was established in NH in 1833
  • 4/11 – Jackie Robinson Baseball Day
  • 4/13 – Scrabble Day ( yep – that’s what it said)
  • 4/14 – Fate of the Titanic ( also being released in 3D this week)
  • 4/15 – No, not what you were thinking but the first Micky D’s was established
  • 4/17 – Daffy Duck was born in 1937
  • 4/18 – first laundromat was opened. Also, pet owner’s day
  • 4/22 – aforementioned Earth Day
  • 4/23 – Shakespeare’s birthday
  • 4/25 – administrative professional day. Also ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand.
  • 4/26 – pretzel day
  • 4/27 – arbor day

There you have it folks. Why it’s like a good April garden…great for the picking!  Have fun and enjoy what you do.



3 responses »

  1. Love that it is national frog month! That is a treasury must!

    marked on my calendar

    scrabble day
    pet owners day
    Shakespeare’s birthday

    Thanks for these cool ideas and themes!


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