The Merry Month of May!


Hi folks. It’s that time again to get creative on ideas for treasuries celebrating the merry month of May. The month is chocked full of inspirational goodies – in fact, I have never seen so many “days” and “national” celebratory days crammed into a single month ( so far ). At least, not since this series started anyway, as a protest to Etsy being slow on producing their merchandising desk. Now I know that you know we have Mother’s Day and Memorial Day as our biggest holidays this month. Of course Etsy will still be looking for those gorgeous gift guides for HER all the way up to May 13th. Now Dads, not to be forgotten, will have their special day on June 17th so get those tags, titles and treasuries in shape now for HIS special day!

First let’s look at how May stacks up for monthly recognition ( with or without editorial comments from yours truly). For example, did you know that May is:

  • Better Sleep Month
  • National Bike Month
  • Older Americans Month ( a personal favorite of mine)
  • Mental Health Month
  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
  • National Photo Month
  • National Physical Fitness & Sports Month
  • Transportation Month
  • Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month
  • Better Hearing & Speech Month
  • Flower Month
  • National Duckling Month?

Now for your basic food groups we have:

  • National Hamburger Month
  • National Salad Month
  • Asparagus Month
  • National Strawberry Month
  • National Barbeque Month
  • National Egg Month

You want more you say – okay – how about some week long observances? The first week is National Postcard and Teacher Appreciation Week. The second week is National Police and National Pet Week and the last week of the month is a not so surprising National Backyard Games Week.

Here are some specific days of the month chocked full of treasury ideas:

5/1 – Hawaiian Lei Day, Mother Goose Day and of course May Day ( does anyone even know what a May pole is – this date got third line billing to the other two!)

5/2 – Holocaust Remembrance Day and National Truffles Day

5/4 – National Weather Observers Day and Space Day

5/5 – Children’s Day in Japan, Cinco de Mayo and National Scrapbook Day

5/6 – (Personal favorite) – International No Diet Day!

5/7 – On this date the first stamp collection was started.

5/8 – National Teacher Day, National Train Day and No Socks Day ( apparently it is ok to go without socks )

5/9 – We celebrate Lost Sock Memorial Day – seriously (though not too serious) to clean out your sock drawer, give brief remembrance for the missing socks and throw out the odd ones. The day before, No Socks Day must also be known as Lost Sock Memorial Eve.  Also on this date, the first newspaper cartoon was published in 1754 (you think it was political?) and the creator of Peter Pan was born but they call it Peter Pan Day – which is why I don’t know the name.

5/10 – Is clean your room day – now that you got rid of your mismatched socks.

5/11 – Twilight Zone Day – which sounded really cool until I clicked on it to discover an ad for SyFy! But I do want to remind everyone that vampire treasuries leading up to the 11th would be cool as on this day the movie “Dark Shadows” premieres.

5/12 – International Nurses Day and Kite Day

5/13 – Mother’s Day (duh – if you don’t know this by now you are in deep doo doo) BUT I bet you didn’t know it is also Tulip Day! They go hand in hand.

5/14 – The Lewis & Clark Exposition started in 1804 (It is also Dance Like a Chicken Day but I could not really find any more info on that)

5/15 – AOI (Hollyhock) Festival in Japan; L Frank Baum (the Oz creator ) was born in 1856 and it is National Chocolate Chip Day!

5/16 – Wear Purple for Peace Day

5/17 – The first Kentucky Derby was held.

5/18 – Is International Museum Day along with Visit Your Relatives Day

5/19 – Armed Forces Day and Circus Day

5/20 – Strawberry Picking Day

5/21 – The Red Cross was founded in 1881; Lindbergh’s flight took place in 1927 and it is Victoria Day in Canada

5/22 – Buy a Musical Instrument Day ( I mean really?  If that is the case then Etsy should go after a day for us!)

5/23 – Penny Day

5/24 – The first Morse Code message was transmitted in 1844

5/25 – Tap Dance Dance

5/26 – Blueberry Cheesecake Day

5/27 – The Golden Gate Bridge opened in 1937 and Masking Tape was invented in 1930 (no correlation)

5/28 – Jim Thorpe’ s birthday (1888) and the celebrated Memorial Day.

5/29 – JFK’s birthday ( 1917 ) and Paper Clip Day

5/30 – the ice cream freezer was patented in 1848 and the “official” Memorial Day.

Now be sure to include your woodland creatures, mermaids, nautical and vacation themed, geometric and monogrammed items in deep emerald greens and among lily of valley flowers. And don’t forget to be bullish about it. You can include twins after the 21st and wear white after the 28th ( old school ).





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