Christmas in July


The temperature is in the 90’s and there are around 175 shopping days until Christmas.  You have plenty of time to get your shop ready for the holidays, right? WRONG! An early holiday mindset could translate into increased sales both now and later.

Holiday spending budgets might be smaller than past years but people still want to give unique, quality, etsy-like gifts. Savvy shoppers begin super early because they know that the best prices can be found long before the holiday. And everyone knows at least one well-organized individual who always has all of her gifts purchased by August, and wrapped by September. If you want to cash in on these savvy and organized individuals, there’s no time like the present to list and promote your holiday items.

Treasury time! Treasury creation is an excellent back-door way to promote your shop After posting a treasury; I can always count an increase of both shop visits and favored items. A more direct way to promote your holiday items and increase the chance of having your things featured in someone else’s treasury is by posting your holiday items on the TPT Team’s  “Shop Promo – Christmas in JULY!!” discussion thread.

 Easy Ways to assemble a gift guide in July:

• For inspiration, select just one of the colors (especially red) brought to the forefront by Independence Day.

• When selecting a treasury theme, why not go beyond “Christmas In July”? Tap your creativity for a holiday theme that would be appropriate for summertime viewing such as “Be Cool” or “Shop Now – Party Later”.

• Tag your treasuries with “Christmas in July” for a greater chance of being featured. Etsy is looking for this tag all month.

 Some TPT members have already posted a Christmas themed treasury. They include: mountainmamahandmade ,


and ShimmerPlace




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