Hello members of the Treasury Promotion Team! I know you have been waiting to see what our next monthly challenge is going to be and now you do not have to wait any longer! We are excited to bring back one of our favorite themes – that of a scavenger hunt on Etsy!


It’s easy and fun to do. First, browse the list of items below that you must find and use in your treasury. The first three (3) items are mandatory – they must be in your treasury. Please be sure to use your comment box to state which TPT member’s shop you are featuring .

Then fill up your remaining 13 spots with any of the rest of the scavenger items on the list. Try to keep in mind color scheme and design when you are curating as these are like little mini challenges for yourself as the curator.


We are doing this challenge a bit differently too by asking you to only enter once because we also have three prizes to give away to the winners in addition to advertising their shops here on our blog for a month!

Our Captain Maggie is offering any  5 note cards from the note card section of her shop MDCardsandGifts !

She is also promoting her second shop, MDSupplies by donating a paper grab bag, as seen in this link.

We also have Valerie offering any 5 card sets from her shop Lehn’s as a prize. We thank these girls for donating their items as special prizes this month!

Be sure and enter so you don’ t miss out on these great opportunities.


Remember, the first 3 items are mandatory. The remaining 13 MUST come from this list also! Have fun on your searches. This is a great way to practice and since Etsy changed the search functions recently, it is very timely.

1.  An item from any TPT team member (please mention the member in  the description)
2.  An item from our Shop Promo – New items July Thread
3.  An item found by searching “Christmas in July”
4.  Something made out of a penny
5.  A crab or cancer constellation
6.  Arrows
7.  Something found in the “supply” category
8. Something that looks like it belongs on the set of Mad Men
9. ice cream cone
10. hot dog
11. blueberries
12. paper bag
13. neon geometrics
14. Leo or Lion
15. Dream Vacation Destination
16. Olympic sport representation
17. an item from London
18. an item from Greece
19. an item made with sand
20. something found in water
21. a black and white photograph
22. a vintage item that is at least 100 years old
23. a favorite childhood toy
24. something used when camping
25. the weather

So good luck and happy hunting! The challenge starts now and runs through July 24th – ending at midnight!


‘Anywhere but here…’ by MDCardsandGifts

TPT team scavenger hunt!Featuring some of my favorite TPT team shops. Inspired by AtelierDenise “A walk in the forest”

















Treasury tool supported by the dog house

‘A TPT Scavenger Hunt – #2’ by Lehns

Our special for July’s Challenge. Instructions can be found on our team blog.This T gives a special shout out to our own Carol of Seas and Seasons

















Treasury tool supported by the dog house


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