Etsy Teams to Check Out


We know you love the Treasury Promotion Team very much!  But we have found some other Etsy teams that are a lot of fun too.  If you have some super fun teams that you are a part of, post them in the comments section.

Top 5 Etsy Treasury Teams to Try

1.  Treasury Flash Mob – If you like to make treasuries for the sheer fun and enjoyment, this is a great team to join.  They have weekly treasury “flash mobs” where you make as many treasuries as you want around a theme.  This leads to a lot of creative treasury making.  The members are super fun too!  Search for the tag “flashmob72” on the treasury page to see the latest batch of fantastic treasuries.

2.  Treasury Challenge Non team – This team hosts a weekly treasury challenge based on the previous week’s winner.  It is fun to see how different people interpret the inspiration item.  And if you are lucky enough to win, it means a week of being featured in hundreds of treasuries.

3.  Treasury Playground – This is a relatively new team.  The threads are broken out by color groups to promote shop items.  But more importantly it helps treasury makers find items for treasuries more easily.
4. Treasury Punks – In addition to having an awesome team name, this is a promotion team that offers a great way for shop owners to promote treasuries and eachother.

5. Trendsetting Treasury Team – The team description draws you in “We enjoy the art of making treasuries; melange. Each space is its own work of art and the curator at hand blends the art to create another.”  A treasury can be a work of art all in itself.  This team encourages making treasuries for the love of being creative.  They seem to have fun games and challenges too.


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  1. Maggie … you totally ROCK!

    Thank you sooooo much for including our rag-tag motley mob of treasury makers (the Treasury Flash Mob Team) in your post! After checking out the other teams on the list … it looks like we are in great company!!!

    My hat is off to you and your awesome Treasury Promotion Team who really need to be on this list as well!

    Treasury Flash Mob Team captain and lover of squirrels!

  2. thank you maggie for putting the word out about our treasury flash mob team! i too work with multiple teams, but the fun and dear support with the folks in “the mob” is crucial to my etsy experience ;^) we love new friends! x o, jenessa

  3. Maggie, thank you so much for including Treasury Playground in this post! We are such a new team that it’s wonderful to have someone help get the name and object of our team out there! I hope that we have some new members soon to help make the team even better.

    Thanks again and take care!
    Julie – Treasury Playground captain

  4. Thank you, Maggie! You are a sweetheart for sharing all these amazing teams with us. Thank you for including our team in the list of your favorites! My daughter and I started this team together a few months ago. I have discovered some new teams on your list that I must join their fun! I’m a mobster and a nonteam member…which are an extremely talented and FUN bunch! I love to see teams working together within our Etsy art community to promote artists.

    Cheers to you, Maggie!

    Thanks again,
    Kim & Skyler
    The Trendsetting Team

  5. Since joining the Flash Mobbers who delight in rule breaking, performance art, and pillow fighting, my Etsy experience has been far more enhanced, and each week I can stretch my artistic muscles in creative ways!

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