Etsy Front Page Trends


Since Etsy’s Merchandising trends blog has been missing in action the past couple of months, I thought I would share my observations about what is “hot” for Etsy front page.

Without further ado…

Peter Pan Collars on Hangers (or dressmaker mannequins)







Origami – Geometric patterns are still hot, but having them made out of paper puts them over the top!











Tiny Legs – miniature anything for that matter.  These bookmarks seem to be a front page main stay.









Shoes – All sorts of shoes are showing up on Etsy front page (sometimes tiny shoes to go with the tiny legs).  Vintage shoes seem to be extra hot.













Things that say Etsy in the picture.  Write out Etsy’s name in your product photo and you hotness factor goes up!










Clutches – I love the sheer variety of clutches you can get custom made.  P.S.  Horns are popular now, so this specific clutch is a double threat!












This Lady – I see her often with these funky cool necklaces.  Oh and neon colors are hot…


“Not Quite White” backgrounds – If you take a look, most of these have a grayish white background, not bright white.  Gray is the new white space.

All these items were from front page treasuries from the past week.  What trends are you seeing?

Join me for Etsy Bingo!!  See how long it takes you to get a bingo today and post your results here.


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