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Etsy, Oh Etsy, Where Have You Gone?


Anyone missing the merchandising desk?  I thought maybe August’s absence was a fluke but September seems to be MIA as well. Funny, I thought they used these tips for judging things like….oh I dunno…..the front page!!!!!!!  So if our guidelines are gone for FP treasuries, what is the new standard?

Well, you know what? We can make our own.  So I am introducing the first TPT Merchandising Desk, September 2012. Even if it is already September 10th! Let’s face it, a lot of this is common sense, repeat themes, seasonal holidays and the like so maybe we can write one just as well with maybe a bit of TPT fun and quirkiness thrown into it.

Okay, let’s see, you start with a picture first…okay. I’ll be right back.There – isn’t he a cutie pie? This sets the mood for the article.

Okay. The first section seems to be the common sense section. We all know that with September comes our time limit of only four months to Christmas and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, three months to Thanksgiving, and one month to Halloween. So now is the time to concentrate on gearing up for the entire holiday season. Work on your shop items with appropriate tagging, revamp old titles and improve any pictures you deem necessary. If you only have one photo of your listing, consider using the other available photo slots . Consumers want to really see what they are buying and you want to sell, sell sell!

All these holidays for treasury makers is like being a kid in the candy store.  No lack of good material here. Hmmm….insert another picture here. Okay.

That looks pretty Halloweeny! By the way, these pics are from TPT members posting there items on our September threads.   After all, it is promotion!

So in September we focus on the changing of the season, autumn colors and fashion, Pantone’s Fall Color trends, and prepping for the upcoming holidays.

While we concentrate on fall, remember the other half of the world is going into spring.  So what traditions come in the fall?  School has already started but are you ready for some football?  Tailgating? Camping trips? Hiking in the woods? Ocktoberfest means beer and lots of it so parties, German festivals, beer steins.

Did you know Halloween is the all time leading Adult holiday? Etsy is full of truly unique and wonderful quirky and spooky items. Time to par-tay!!! Steampunk Halloween items are in vogue – have you seen the banners? Awesome!

Think change in weather to cooler temps which means layers in fashion, revamping your home decor to more deep, warm and comfy surroundings.  Popular themes will center around the harvesting of crops, gathering of friends and family around festive tables , fireplaces and apples – lots and lots of apples. DIY kits for making beer, herb infused oils, candles and the like. Think in terms of winter planting, rustic farm settings, pumpkin patches with frost and big fat harvest moons.

Look for old school fashions with an upcycled twist. Mixing fabric textures, knitted and oh yes, those glorious felted items. Leather is never out of style.  Think of fall outdoor sports and sport gatherings, bonfires, cookouts and patio parties for donning casual clothes. Don’t forget to work on your Halloween costumes. Vintage clothing and patterns offer creative souls fantastic costumes for those fun parties. Halloween is the start of the traditional season of parties!

Consider looking at least six months ahead for future brides. Winter and Spring weddings are being planned now so make sure to include these seasons in your shop. Try using an unusual Pantone fall fashion color combo for wedding themes and go crazy with some zany off the wall Halloween weddings.

Beautiful Sapphire is the birthstone and zodiac signs are Virgo and Libra, changing over on September 24th. Let me go find a piece of jewelry to insert here.

Did mention that these photos are coming from TPT member items because they were tagged TPT and I could find them easily?

Now, since it is the 10th of Sept already, I have abbreviated the fun TPT calendar of events to days that simply begged for a treasury theme. Let’s face it – some days are just plain boring. None of that here!

On a serious note, of course tomorrow is Patriot Day with the WTC Remembrance. None of us should forget and there are probably treasuries already on Etsy with this theme. Since there are no other notable dates, we shall move on to the more obscure.


As an entire month, we celebrate Baby Safety, National Sewing, Read a New Book and “Women of Achievement”. Both Classical Music Month and Piano Month are in Sept. For our food groups, we are not as exciting as previous summer months with only Chicken, Honey and Rice ( sounds like a recipe) earning celebrity status.


9/12 – Chocolate Milk Shake Day

9/13 – National Peanut Day, Positive Thinking Day and Scooby Doo’s birthday

9/14 – the First Department Store opened in 1848

9/15 – Both Make a Hat Day & Hispanic Heritage Month begins ( Sept 15 – Oct 15)

9/16 – Collect Rocks Day

9/17 – Citizenship Day ( Constitution Day) and National Apple Dumpling Day – yum!!!   Goes with that chicken, honey & rice.

9/20 – the First RR Station opened

9/21 – International Day of Peace

9/22 – Dear Diary Day

9/23 – Checkers Day

9/24 – First Toy Store opened

9/26 – Johnny Appleseed’s birthday

9/28 – Chinese Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival and the first Airport was opened.

9/29 – Scotland Yard was formed in 1829.

So there you have it. May this “merchandising desk” by TPT give you some ideas for treasury themes and that maybe, just maybe, Etsy might notice!




Surprise Challenge Winners!


Every once in a while, the TPT team will announce a challenge winner!  It is a challenge you entered and didn’t even know it.  In addition to creating stunning treasuries, these two members helped promote our team.  Both of these treasuries feature 100% TPT members.

‘Spring Green’ by theresaholland

Let’s get the green going.

Timeless Moments 5×7 Fi…


Fashion Maxi Dress Off …


Green Hydrangea – Flora…


Leaf Earrings- Spring g…


2 Inchworms, Inchworm,…


Pink and Green Princess…


Retro Dishes Melamine B…


Shop-Wide Sale: OOAK…


Summer Splendor Custom …


Handmade Crochet Scarf …


Lemon Lime Green Slice …


Retro Dishes Parfait Fo…






Fried Green Tomatoes 5x…


Crochet Flower Applique…


Treasury tool supported by website usability testing

‘Grey Whimsy’ by PoopinOutside

Picasso Jasper Pendant …


Tutu Skirt Solid Gray G…


Personalized brooch – I…


Baby Boy Blanket Baby G…


Peacock (Size 34-36) -…


Shrug Grey White Croche…


Vintage Envelope Clutch…


WAS 25 NOW 19 gray ruff…


Lonely Tree no.1 – Moun…


Delicate Crocheted Glov…


Mustard Necklace – Grey…


Gray Shoes with Faux Al…


Vintage Chunky Silver B…


mens ring sterling silv…


Earrings. Handcraft, Po…




Treasury tool by Red Row Studio



Congratulations to all of our treasure hunters for a fun and addictive treasury challenge. It is always difficult to choose the winners and this time we had the team vote on the ones they think should win. It is with pleasure to announce that we had two Team Choice winners for this challenge!

Please share the love with our winners Sarah Johnson of the shop remedynz and Bstrung of the shop bstrung.


‘For the Autumn Easter Bunnies’ by remedynz

Another treasure hunt, come and join in the fun at tpt teamhttp://www.etsy.com/teams/7288/treasury-promotion-team

















Treasury tool supported by threequickquestions

‘Hunting for the Garden of Delight’ by bstrung

TPT Treasure Hunt ChallengeJoin the fun and make your own:http://www.etsy.com/teams/7288/treasury-promotion-team

















Treasury tool supported by website usability testing

We also had a Leader’s Choice winner which goes to Donna at babydolldressup with this cute treasury:

‘in Search of the Easter Bunny…’ by babydolldressup

A tpt team treasure hunt challenge!Join the Treasure hunt HERE: http://www.etsy.com/teams/7288/treasury-promotion-team/discuss/10015515/page/1/

















Treasury tool supported by three quick questions

Be sure and congratulate these team winners and be on the look out for upcoming news of our next challenge. Thank you to everyone for playing!

TPT Member Profile: Atticle


We are starting a new series to highlight members of the TPT team!  First in our series focuses on team member Atticle.  Atticle has had 9 front page treasuries.  To see the fantastic treasuries by Atticle, click HERE.  We asked a few questions our members might be interested in:

1. What inspires the subject matter for a treasury you are making? How do you decide on theme?
  • My mind is never quite made up until i have a chance to update my favourites list and see what captures my imagination.

2. When you make a treasury, are you specifically trying to get it to Etsy’s front page?

  • It would be a lie to say i don’t aspire to get onto front page. but i also value the very positive & constructive feedback i get from members whenever i post a treasury.
 3. Can you share 3 Etsy shops that you love to use in your treasuries?
4. About how many treasuries do you make per week?
  • On average one a day. and when i’m prolific, maybe two.
5. Do you think promoting treasuries helps you get front page exposure?
  • I have zilch knowledge about how etsy chooses its FP, but i’ve come to know that endless promotion does not enhance the chances of getting your treasuries featured.